About Us

About MW.McGinn Construction Ltd

M W McGinn was founded in 2004 by Matthew William McGinn. The company went Limited in 2011 and continues through to current day.

T.M.MCGINN  was a builder in the same area for 45 years and is Matt’s Father so the area of North West Norfolk where the company operates is accustomed to the name McGinn and a time-served reputation in a local area speaks volumes.

Quote from MWM Owner: ”We are presented with many challenges on a daily basis from working in a competitive area and one thing that really keeps it interesting is overcoming the challenges the building industry presents. You have to have many different hats for many different aspects of the business but it’s what we are used to and what we love to do!”

Investing in the Local Community

M W McGinn are proud to sponsor a number of local organisations, including: